The Little People

By: Jeff Turner

Sep 27 2008

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Category: life, nature


Focal Length:51mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Don’t ask me why, but I spent about 10 minutes watching ants crawl up and down the side of a tree today. After a few moments, my mind wandered to a memory of a Twilight Zone episode where two men are confronted by giant space men and treated like ants. I loved the Twilight Zone, and I tried to remember the details of the episode and I couldn’t. Google to the rescue. The episode was called, “The Little People.” Time to introduce the kids to Twilight Zone episodes on Hulu!


3 comments on “The Little People”

  1. Jeff,

    Love this image and I can’t believe how many blogs you have around the blogosphere This one really caught my eye.

    Hope to get out more as the temp start to dip below triple digits here.

  2. JT you brought that episode back to me as well! Twilight Zone is the only show from my youth that actually scared me a few times! And the photo is maybe one of the best I’ve ever seen, even though it has ants in it lolol

    How many sites do you have! This is very cool.

  3. Dave and Carole, thank you. Yes, I probably have too many blogs. I started this one because I loved the template and it gave me a place to post a photo with a story behind it. Most of the photos I post have no story. This blog, , is even titled, “Your’re Right. I Don’t Really NEED Another Photo Blog. 🙂

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