When Thanks Turns To Laughter


When Rocky heads to Africa on one of her charitable journeys, she is gone for several weeks. So, part of her ritual with the kids is that she leaves note all over the walls of the house saying, “I love you.’ She leaves notes with dates on them that are to be read at specific times. They hold clues to hidden treasures. And she leaves behind a “thank you for” for each day she is gone.

We each take turns picking the thank you fors out of the bucket and reading it during her turn at dinner. Thank you fors are a ritual here in the Turner house. We each say what we’re thankful for as we eat our dinner.

Tonight, it was my turn to pick one out of the jar. As fate would have it, this was the one I got to read. I’m thankful for the laughter that ensued.


4 replies to “When Thanks Turns To Laughter

  1. Is there a site where we can follow her experiences like she has had before? I’ve not been able to find it, if so. Somehow, I missed out on that. Happy MLK Day! And tomorrow is a new pres.

  2. Priceless family times! These are the kind of memory moments that your children will carry long into their futures, telling & re-telling the stories. My (now adult) children still like to laugh over the Burp contests they used to have as young teens, when we went to a particular family style all-you-can-eat resturaunt. Weird thing is although of course we were all initially emabarassed; they never did it at any other place. Must have been something explosive in the softdrinks there, but it definitely entertained EVERYONE present, even at tables around us (as we, the adults tied to walk out without laughing as hard as my kids were!) Talula

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