Through A Child’s Eyes

Throught A Child's Eyes

My 8-year-old son has been running around with one of our digital cameras lately. He’s shooting photos of random objects, brothers, sisters, friends. And the floor sometimes. This photo was taken while he as supposed to be in a time out in his room. Clearly he found a way to keep himself busy.

I exported the files from that camera today and saw a world that is unfamiliar to me. The photos were all from a perspective I can’t see. Everything was a bit skewed. There are photos of people who appear to be larger than they are and images taken at angles I would never think to use. And images shot through window screens.

What strikes me is that I could us a bit more of this childlike perspective in my life.


4 replies to “Through A Child’s Eyes

  1. Perhaps he has inherited your eye for the details that others do not see in a view; quite a natural talent for a photographer’s son,eh? Like he took this picture to hold on this image of a crocodile chasing a dragon (in the clouds above the houses here). You should encourage his artist’s eye, you will never know where it might lead. I have grandson who has a grand drawing talent that I (and no one else) has encouraged and complimented. It has always just been our ‘thing’ – but it looks like at 17, he is actually now considering it for a career in Graphic Arts. Our discussion last week centered on his plan to pursue it in college. You never know if your child’s talent (or your own) is never given the freedom to fly!

  2. I love when our little one grabs my camera – I have complete sets on Flickr because the perspective is so refreshing (cutting people’s heads off, looking in places I wouldn’t even imagine) – I think you have become a fan of his pics 😉

  3. Thanks for the compliment, Jeff! I have been invoived professionally with children’s education for a long time; but it all started because of my own children and their talents, behaviors, abilities which I always wanted to support and encourage. Those things unique to me and my brother when we were growing up – were NOT valued and supported (nor were we even protected from abuse); so I vowed as a very young person to give those gifts to my children’s spirits someday. It has been very rewarding to see the results in my own children (and grandchildren now), and my many families with whom I have interacted with over nearly 30 years. That’s a whole lot of “Magic!” for the world! Enjoy your children’s talents and unique abilities, and spread the joy. Talula.

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