I Found A Memory Today


Photos are amazing. I was looking for something else today and stumbled on this photo of one of my sons playing in the ocean. I am not sure I was living in the moment captured in this photo, but I am quite sure he was. And right now, I am not living in this moment either. I am living in the memory of this photo.

I’ll get back to today in a little bit.


3 replies to “I Found A Memory Today

  1. This is one of my favorite things about pictures – they’re like bookmarks for memories. You can go back and “reread” and maybe get something out of it the second (third, fourth) time that you just didn’t grasp at the time.

  2. What a beautiful photo.

    I take many, many photos – much faster than I have time to review them.

    But then I find the time to review them (coincidentally exactly what I’ve been doing this morning) and the memories flood back

    Thank you!


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